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What is Chiropractic Radiology?
Why should I utilize Chiropractic Radiology in my practice?
Why should I choose ARS to read my films?
Who are your Radiologists?
What information does ARS need from me to bill?
How do I ship X-Rays to ARS?
What is Digital X-Ray Reading?
Why should I choose ARS to read my films?

ARS will provide your practice:
  • No cost to the doctor
  • A toll-free number for inquiries
  • A reading on all films sent
  • A formal written interpretation
  • A return of films to your office with the interpretation
  • Pre-paid postage
  • Pre-addressed shipping envelopes / boxes
  • All the miscellaneous shipping supplies you need (tape, forms, etc.)
ARS asks you to provide:
  • A completed information / history form on each patient
  • A completed X-Ray Assignment Agreement for each patient
  • All your patient films (including retakes) so that we can assure your office full coverage
Special Considerations:
  • Films should be less than three months old
  • Films over 6 months will not be read
  • If an MRI or CT is sent for interpretation, it is always helpful to know what the doctor is looking for (area of concern)
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