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Frequently Asked Questions

May I Send Files Immediately?
Once you've called ARS to set up your account, you may send films immediately. When you call, indicate that you would like to send films immediately; we will give you instructions.

May I Send My Files By U.S. Mail?
Because of problems associated with sending parcels through the U.S. mail - including lost packages and an inability to track package movement - use of the U.S. mail is strongly discouraged. Our experience with delivery services such as UPS has demonstrated their superior ability to handle "irreplaceable" cargo such as patient x-rays.

Do You Require That Films Be Current?
Ideally, in order to receive the best treatment, films sent for interpretation should be relatively recent. Normally, we ask that films be no older than three (3) months old. We will not read films over 6 months.

What Does This Service Cost Me?
There is no cost to the doctor.

What Is The Turn-Around Time On Films?
Time will vary based upon your location. You can expect a 3-7 day turn-around time.

What Can I Expect A Report To Contain?
ARS doctors follow standard protocol in their reports, listing findings and clinical impressions. Samples of previous interpretations may be found by clicking on Forms and then viewing Sample Report 1.

How Many Doctors Currently Send Films To Your Office For Interpretation ?
We currently have over 450 doctors and clinics taking advantage of our services.
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