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Advantage Radiology Service (ARS) is a professional corporation located in Toledo, Ohio. ARS began serving the chiropractic and medical community with radiological interpretation in May of 1988, and has provided well over 1,300,000 interpretations since that time. read more
What is Chiropractic Radiology?
Why should I utilize Chiropractic Radiology in my practice?
Why should I choose ARS to read my films?
Who are your Radiologists?
What information does ARS need from me to bill?
How do I ship X-Rays to ARS?
What is Digital X-Ray Reading?
Diagnostic imaging, most typically radiography (x-rays), has been an important part of the practice of chiropractic for nearly a century.

Today, x-rays have become an invaluable tool for physicians in all fields, to diagnose and treat patients.
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While the benefits of chiropractic radiology could easily fill many pages. The mention of only two will demonstrate why your practice can benefit from chiropractic radiology.

#1 - Your patients will be the primary beneficiaries of chiropractic radiology, through increased diagnostic accuracy. read more
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